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happy halloween!


space invader pumpkin

Yesterday, we carved our pumpkins! Jin carved a space invader, and I carved a pumpkin coming out of another pumpkin. Scary!! Hopefully these lanterns will let all the children in the neighbourhood know that we are candy friendly!

I need to learn how to take good photos in the dark. Practice practice practice.

We also started making our halloween costumes yesterday. Ours are made out of cardboard and paper, but it looks like it might rain on saturday night. Hmmm...we didn't think this one through did we? Hopefully we will have some pictures to show you! For now, I will keep it hush hush as to what we are going to be.

Today is
Nikole's birthday! Happy Birthday dear friend!

And, did you see the
illustration by my friend Yukiko? I think it is really adorable!

Happy halloween everyone!


  1. oh my goodness, your pumpkin is so scary!... but oh so cute at the same time, haha!
    also, i cannot wait to see photos of your costumes :)
    happy halloween!

  2. wow that's some amazing skills in pumpkin carving!!

  3. skills! happy halloween you two!

  4. i love cinnamon and pumpkins!

    happy halloween Celine~ :)