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skills that pay the bills

skills that pay the bills

Look what I learned at work today.

I had to send out some large drawings, and I asked someone if they could show me how to properly fold one.

There is a proper way.

He pulled out his old technical textbook, with this diagram in it! It clearly shows the folds one should make depending on your drawing size.

I don't know what it is, but I think I was enamoured by the technical drawing. I like technical drawings, but I don't like them when I cannot figure them out. Thank goodness that this one was easy to read. Now I know how to fold a drawing.

Hey, did you know that it is October already! Happy October everyone!


  1. i enjoy technical drawing as well, including architectural ones, even old school dress patterns have nice lines. these are ripe for a letterpress plate, don't you think!?

  2. i was just told to fold full scale drawings like a map. haha totally not the proper way!

  3. whoa! that's cool!!
    that letterpress idea snap+tumble said would be amazing!

    happy october to you too! see u tomorrow! yay!

  4. i love that technical drawing. i never would have thought there was a proper way to fold a full scale drawing. but, of course there is! i'll have to find something large to fold down to try it out...

  5. woahhhhh. What!!! I didn't know that there was an actual way to do this!

  6. it looks very interesting, had no idea there was a proper way to fold a drawing.
    happy october celine, hope your patchwork will be finished before snow is coming:-)

  7. I feel like I'm seeing technical origami! I never knew there was a proper way to fold a drawing. Very cool!

  8. Tanya! This would look so cool letterpressed!

    May! I think this is the same way to fold a map! But, I still don't know how to fold a map!

    Roz! happy october to you too!

    Karyn! Do try this! And let me know how it turns out!

    E! haha! I don't think many people need to know this, unless you are a cartographer, an engineer, or an architect! But, now you know!

    Renilde! I only have 3 more rows to hand stitch, and then, the binding!

    Alexandria! you are totally right! It looks like an origami instruction!

  9. Hi, i read your blog often enough, i enjoy every pictures & strories here. they're so good!.
    i love paper craft, i made note book for my best friend ( Thank God she Likes it :P).
    love creative people, they insprired me.

    keep writing & photographing :)