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The house is going "woo woo" all day from the wind outside. This is the most snow I have seen all winter. Mea wants me to let her out to explore. Not today little Mea.

Look at my new mittens!

I saw
Melinda's mittens at brunch, and I immediately knew I needed a pair for myself to get through the winter!! I asked her to make me a pair, and yesterday, Melinda delivered them to my door! They are so perfectly knitted, and the roving is so soft and warm on the inside! Thank you so much Melinda! I have the prettiest mittens in town!

I love how red they are.

She brought homemade peppermint marshmellows too! They are in the sweetest shade of light light pink, and are so fluffy in my mouth. I wish I could find my tin of hot chocolate right now to have the marshmellows with.

I hope you are keeping warm today, hopefully with your cat curled up in your lap, with warm wooly mittens, with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows in it, or with all three.


  1. Aww! I'm so glad you like your mittens, and to see that you've been taking photos today! Good luck with all of your work! I hope you find your tin of HC soon! (If I'd known you didn't have hot chocolate at the ready, I would have brought some of that too!)

  2. Those mittens are SO cute and they look super warm! I can't believe you guys moved in the dead of winter. Hope you're enjoying your new house!

  3. oh lucky you!!they're so perfect to brighten up the winter!

  4. What perfectly wonderful red mittens!

  5. Oh those are the cutest mittens! I was inspired by Melinda to make a pair for myself, but I've gotten stuck on another pattern. Time for me to look at those mittens again! Today was so cold and snowy! I had to work today so I bundled up under layers to brave the cold. It's a good thing you have warm and cheery mittens to keep you warm!

  6. Melinda, I love love love them. I already bring them everywhere I go. We shall go for hot chocolate sometime soon! You have to give me the marshmellow recipe! Jin's friend's wife want it! (she is obsessed with marshemellows!!)

    Lois! We were really lucky! The day we moved was so mild, and had no snow on the ground! It was only after we moved in that it became bitterly cold!

    May! I miss you! Please come visit with gabe!

    Alexandria! they are SO red! I love it!

    Erica! Do make yourself a pair! These mittens are so adorable! They make your hands look so big!!

    Nikole! yes! lets! miss you xo.

  7. what a lovely looking cat! may i ask what kind it is?

    nice post, by the way:)

  8. Wow, those mittens are by far the cutest I've seen in awhile. I adore your pictures of them, too, and of course, the cat!

  9. great mittens and love the kitten!!!

  10. love your mittens!! they match your furry cat.

  11. happy new year, happy new house and happy mittens! x

  12. love those pictures, and the mittens! and the cat!