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our bathroom : part 2


shower head


overflow drain

antique light

Thank you everyone for your really kind comments on our bathroom! It is the only space in our house that was completely gutted and redone. The rest of the house is pretty much the same. The bathroom will look a lot cozier with some pictures and art hanging on the walls, towels, and plants (great idea
Aron!). As you can see, we still need to figure out what to do for storage, but we have time to figure that out later.

For now, look at these beautiful bathroom accessories.

hamper for your dirty laundry
This perfect
drying rack.
A place to hang my
hand towel.

These are some of my favourite details I wanted to show you. It shows how much in love I am with these fixtures!

+ Labeled porcelain pulls.

+ The beautiful shape of the shower head

+ The cast iron air vent, original to the bathroom. We need to scrape, and paint it, and it will be even more beautiful.

+ The overflow drain has Mr. Addison’s name on it. So we never forget where it came from.

+ The one thing we brought back from Addison’s Inc. that was used/antique, were these beautiful wall sconces with milk glass shades. These are my favourite.

I never took baths before we got this bathroom, but now, it is one of my favourite things to do. A bath with lavender Epsom salt before bed makes me sleep so well at night.


  1. I love taking baths, but especially in a claw foot tub! They can be so comfortable.
    I really have to go to Addison's!

  2. great taps and really love your cast iron vent! (envy!!)
    thanks for the link to billet. they have some nice stuff! now where's my credit card...

  3. the fixtures are so pretty! especially love the cast iron vent. so much character!

  4. oh! the overflow is so great! it's all great, celine!

  5. I'm in love with that air vent, just divine !!!

  6. hm, taking a bath is the best thing there is!

  7. Everything is so elegant and classy. I love all the white and that hamper...*sigh*

  8. You know what's funny? I only just realized that your vent was cast iron when I read Tanya's comment! I thought it was shiny brass or something! Doesn't that look like the tub's shadow's reflection in the bottom left of it??

  9. Oh I am so happy for you guys. Gosh, to have such a lovely bathtub! I love that hamper! I am ashamed to admit we have an Ikea one on wheels, and the wheels never stay on! No more quick Ikea fixes! I need to get a nice hamper like the one you posted. Sigh....

  10. Melinda! yea, that nice slant is a great angle to rest your back on. Haha! I think it is funny that you see a shadow on the vent, I think photos are so different than reality. Because when Jin and I see this photo, we are embaressed at how patchy it looks!

    sekimachihato! show us what you get, if you get something from billet! isn't it beautiful? everything in it?

    tanya! thank you! I love them all so much! I can't stop staring at them!

    nikole! I told jin we had to get the tub after I saw this.

    Mandy! thank you so much! I was so happy it came with the house!

    jokemijn! I think I might want a bath tonight!

    alexandria! We really love the white too. I am so happy with how it turned out! and yes, that hamper! love.

    Juli! It's ok, we all have things from Ikea *sigh*. But wouldn't that hamper be amazing? It folds up too! Perfect for compact living.

  11. Hi Celine,
    yes - it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you.

    I love addison - such a great place to go to. We have the same bath tub - with this place I really wanted a claw tub.

    beautiful pictures as always.

  12. Your iconic world makes me dreaming !!

  13. i think the vent is my absolute favorite part of your new bathroom!

  14. Wow. The cleanness and simplicity is just great.

  15. only you could make a bathroom look so glamorous!

  16. i love the the simplicity of it all!

  17. what a beautiful job you did with your bathroom. i love it all and i love your pretty cat!!