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Is it June already? Where has the year gone? Time is flying by too fast!

We had lunch with my friend from school, we haven't seen him in awhile.
Summer is great for having lunch with friends. I have my bike and I can go a little further to meet friends that work beyond walking distance from me.

We went to
Sadie's Diner, a great vegetarian diner that I didn't notice was vegetarian until the 3rd time I went! I like that they are so casual about being vegetarians, and they don't make it an obvious feature (or at least, not obvious to me). Sometimes, I wonder if I could be a vegetarian, but then I just had a delicious meat pie last not?


  1. Delicious meat pie!

    I do love Sadie's and the idea of being vegetarian, but I do like a nice meaty meal every once in a while. Speaking of which, we're making burgers tonight! haha!

  2. cute pictures celine!!!
    i don't think i can be a vegetarian. i would really miss bacon and meat pies and burgers! u guys are makin' me hungee :)

  3. The shot of the food looks so goooood!
    Bright and clean and fresh. And a lemony water is sometimes just the right thing!

  4. Love, love these photos: such wonderful light, colors and composition!

  5. This is making me miss Sadie's! They have an amazingly nostalgic grilled cheese.

  6. Cute blog! Nice to meet a fellow Torontonian blogger. :)

    ps. Those candies they give out with the bill at Sadies are so yum!!

  7. lol, how did I know that the grilled cheese comment was my John. We haven't been to Sadie's in quite some time...

    I almost become a vegetarian every Monday at 9:20am when we somehow end up driving next to a cattle truck EVERY time we are on Black Creek and stuck in traffic. GAH! Those purdy eyes look at me and I feel absolutely sick to my stomach knowing where they are headed. So why is it that I can STILL eat ("organic") meat!

  8. I like the compositions of your shots.

    I was a vegetarian for 17 years up until I was pregnant with lliam - we were in Barcelona and I had crazy mad cravings for salami.

    I still wonder if I can go back now.

  9. I am vegetarian and I don't think it's a big deal. I did miss bacon and turkey sandwiches and meat pies a bit in the beginning, but whenever I would "cheat" I'd end up making myself sick. I also look at my dog and wonder why we eat some animals and let others sleep on our beds?
    In any case, I like eating at Sadie's and you're right, it's just a diner. I like that they just make good food that happens to be vegetarian.

  10. These photos are awesome! They capture a really fun mood. And those are my favorite kind of diners: where the food is so good even non-vegetarians rave about it!