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I feel extremely lucky to win Elizabeth Dunker's giveaway she hosted awhile ago. It is a print from her shop and brand Fine Little Day!

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth's art and creations, but most of all, her photography of her everyday life is a huge inspiration to me.

I love this print "Baboab". I already have a frame picked out for it. I have been collecting things to hang on our empty walls for awhile now, and I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it!

Thank you so much


  1. Lucky girl! It's such a sweet print, and will go perfectly in your new house! (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!) xo

  2. was it your birthday dear?? Happy birthday than! :))

    I love Elisabeth's work too... you are lucky to won her giveaway! You totally deserve it btw! :)

  3. Lucky girl! You deserve to win.
    Happy birthday?!?

  4. Melinda! haha! thank you so much for the birthday gift!!!! I love surprises like those!

    Ana! yes! it was my birthday! thank you!

    stephanie! i feel very very lucky! I can't wait to hang it up!

    juli! thank you! yes, it was my birthday! I don't like announcing it! ahh!

  5. you are very lucky, this "Baobab" is very beautiful.. I like the colors like a Juan Miro :)