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favourite spots

ms. mea

mr. mojo

They have their favourite spots around the house, and they rotate between them.

Lately, they like to hang out all day on our bed, or around it.

I like our yellow sheets. They make the room feel really sunny. That is important for this time of year as our time with the sun decreases.

Thank you for all your really sweet comments and e-mails on Melinda + Chris's engagement session! I had a really amazing week because of it!


  1. haha isnt it funny how particular pets can be, especially cats. particular, yet random at the very most. my cats have their spots too, but sometimes i just laugh when i see them staring at the wall, or laying down on the the most arbitrary parts of the floor

  2. Aaw, they are both such sweethearts :)

  3. haha my dog has her spots too - most of them right in the middle of where people tend to walk the most

  4. I have nearly the same cats! THe first one is mum and the black cat is he r son. There is another one , the daughter and two 5 months babies :))

  5. Cats are an endless source of inspiration! It was also mine today :)
    Have a nice evening!

  6. I have cat envy~! They are very cute

  7. such handsome creatures! love the eyes on that first one.