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Dim Sum Anyone?

dim sum at Lin Heung tea house


'dap toi'

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dim sum card

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Of course we went to dim sum in Hong Kong! We went a few times with family, but on one of the mornings we had to ourselves, we made a special trip to this 50 year old establishment in Central for a taste of old Hong Kong.

My friend Ian told us about this place Lin Heung Tea House, and it is famous because it feels like what I imagine 1962 was like when you step inside. It was loud and crowded and you always had to watch behind you because you were blocking the lady with the dim sum cart – and she wants to pass you.

After circling the restaurant, we finally found two seats in a large round table shared by old men reading their daily news, not giving a second glance at Jin and I. I ran up to one of the cart ladies and came back with 5 dishes of dim sum, forgetting that it is only Jin and I eating all this!

I enjoyed that dim sum so much. The food and atmosphere felt authentic. This is the Hong Kong I imagine my parents grew up in.

Lin Heung Tea House: 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong 852-2544-4556


  1. How fun! :D

    Must've been deeeelicious!

  2. Yes please! Love dim sum, gorgeous photos!

  3. Oh my goodness this looks incredible :)

  4. Yum! It's hard to imagine you and Jin went alone!! Gotta love communal tables.

  5. That looks completely amazing! :)

  6. Looks fabulous! Great photos.

  7. I can never say no to dim sum, mmm-mmmmm. So I'm curious to know which kind of dim sum is your favourite?

  8. Oh wow! This looks amazing. I've never had dim sum...i think I MUST try it now. :)

  9. I dream of having dim sum in HK one day; in fact writing this is making me hungry! love seeing pictures from your trip, esp. the beautiful ones of your grandparents <3

    hope you're well! xx

  10. celine, this is my dream come true!

  11. yum! dim! sum! my favorite. there isn't a dim sum place around me...i miss it so much! thanks for sharing these photos celine!

  12. It's been real fun to see your hk shots, especially because I think we were probably there around the same time =) keep them coming Celine!

  13. so fantastic. i haven't had dim sum in years! vegetarian in the house makes it a little hard. i so adore your photos, such wonderful perspective and i feel like i am there with you almost!

  14. oh wow! i miss dim sum - or as we call it in Australia yum cha. we used to have it all the time in Sydney. but haven't been able to find a good place in London.