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some gifts for our near future

dreamcats calendar


sweet lamb

char siu bao's first dress

baby blanket by Electrik Kidz

baby blanket

baby mitts

baby mitts by Melinda

We have received some really sweet gifts so far from some of our dearest friends and I can’t stop gushing over them because they are all tiny in nature!

A peach dreamcats 2012 calendar from Anabela and Geoff that will go so well in char siu bao’s room! It will be such a treasured keepsake to have for the year she is born.

Nikole gave us this sweet little plush lamb on wheels and this adorable shirt dress I want to have in a full size version for myself!! My mind still can't believe a little human will fit into something so tiny.

A sweet glow in the dark blanket from my brother and his girlfriend by Electrik Kids. It is made with the softest organic cotton and silkscreened with make believe constellations in glow in the dark paint. I love the illustrations!

Melinda knitted the tiniest and most adorable baby mittens I have ever seen!

Thank you so much! Char siu bao is such a lucky little girl!


  1. What a lucky girl is right. You have amazing friends (no surprise--you guys are amazing!) Hope all is well, Celine!

  2. The mittens are truly amazing. What a perfect gift.

  3. lovely gifts, gorgeous photographs. Congratulations by the way.

  4. those are the sweetest little mittens!!

  5. Aw, so happy to see the calendar here! Too bad my writing is so hard to understand, haha. Beautiful gifts! Your baby is already so loved.

  6. Those mittens!! So little yet so amazing. Can't wait to see little char siu bao sporting them.

  7. What a lucky baby! and the mittens are so so cute.

  8. aww, those are so sweet! (those mittens are so tiny - i can't believe little hands will fit in them soon!) i actually just found out i'm going to be an aunt...i'm gonna need some shopping tips, haha! ;)

  9. Aw, char siu bao has so many lovely things to look forward to!

  10. The cat calendar is my fave! Those little mittens are adorable.