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My little helper

little helper

Eloise is helping me make lists for packing.

I am so excited to travel with Eloise and Jin. I am even excited to be on the airplane with Eloise, I hope she likes flying as much as I do.

We're off for an adventure! We're off to a wedding, a wedding in India!!

See you in a few weeks. xo


  1. SO CUTE! Best of luck travelling with Eloise.. I hope you have a beautiful time at the wedding!

  2. Safe travels, Celine! Hope you three have a wonderful adventure. :)

  3. how sweet your little one is! i hope you have a very nice and safe flight to india!

  4. so awesome. you're going to shoot some wonderful photos. and make some really great memories with your little family!

  5. Eloise is starting real young, to India no less! To beautiful memories being made, have lots of fun :>

  6. oh it's going to be so much fun, I can't wait to hear about
    have a great time!

  7. Have a safe and wonderful journey Kim family! ;D xoxoxo

    I LOVE HEEERRRR (and her outfit ofcourse! ahahaaa)