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these girls, one year later

Toronto Kinfolk retreat

Eloise & Elodie

We visited Juli & John's cottage a few weekends ago and we were marveling at how different the girls were last summer at the cottage. They were little beings that did not do much but demand for food and attention by crying. They were equally as amazing in different ways, but those days are a blur to me now. Perhaps the girls seem so capable to us now because they can interact with us so much more, and they have such different personalities. Elodie is always ready for adventure and Eloise is always cautious and quite expressionless when placed in a new environment.

As summer comes to an end, I am already looking forward to seeing how different they will be next year!


  1. Lovely! 2 cherubs a year later...oh!

    ;) xoxo

  2. that's adorable! i hope this becomes a tradition and that these two become best friends:) after seventeen years i am still incredibly close to the friend i met as a baby!

  3. Oh, they've grown so much, just looking at these two photographs together! Really lovely (:

  4. Haha, clever little booger, scouting out situations before deciding how to react!

  5. This is such an adorable pair!