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When Jin predicted the future...

Eloise, illustrated by Hilary Knight

Jin was going through his old papers and handed me this one he found in one of his piles. It was a newspaper clipping of an illustration of the Eloise who lives in the Plaza (illustrated by Hilary Knight). I laughed but then I noticed this piece of paper was pretty old and I asked him when he found this clipping.

"A few years ago. I thought it was cute and I saved it"

That means he saved this piece of paper before we knew we were expecting, before we decided on naming our little girl Eloise and before we knew about the Eloise books. Which makes this piece of paper more special to me than a regular old newspaper clipping.

Happy Friday! (And Happy Thanksgiving to us Canadians!)


  1. this is so perfect, love ya Jin. you gotta frame it!!

  2. that is the magic of life! Happenstance complete!

  3. clearly, this was all meant to be! <3

    happy thanksgiving to you too... :)

  4. So lovely. I am sure Eloise gonna really enjoy this
    story when a bit older :)

  5. Love it when that happens.

  6. Oh, such a sweet tale!! Love it!!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  7. Love the story behind this so much!