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doorstep arrival

random dots

My package arrived today from etsy seller A Little Goodness. I bought some fabric for quilt binding on a baby quilt I have been working on for what seems like.....a very long time. But I am sincerely enjoying it so much!

My quilt is mostly white, with red and blue squares on it. I promise to show some photos of it. I chose this random dot fabric from A Little Goodness' store to bind my quilt. I couldn't find anything locally that I liked in red, and I was adamant for the binding to be in red. Toronto is so lacking in the polka-dot department for fabric. I am so glad she had this red polka-dot fabric in her store! I am eyeing some other things in her store, like the newest
Sylish Dress Book! But I have not even made anything from the first book yet, so I think I should hold off!

I told my mom I was making a baby quilt, and when I told her it was for Jin's friend, she was shocked! I think she thought I was making it for me. But no, I will make a different quilt if/when that time comes. Ok, there has been too much baby talk lately coming out of me. I will stop now.

The baby's name is Conner, and I am thinking of a way to put his name on the quilt. Ideas?


  1. I love the fabric!! it's so cute!!!
    you must mastered quilting by now!!!

  2. i'm not a big fan of random dots but this looks lovely :) you should hand embroider the baby's name on the quilt!

    i shall reply to your tag soon!!

  3. Can't wait to see some samples of what you're putting together! Cool choice in fabric...gotta love polka dots!

  4. embroidery for the name would be great on one of the squares. or a letter per square to spell out his name.

  5. Yukiko! I knew you would love it! dots and circles are your favorite!
    I want to show you my quilt! hopefully today!

    May! I am going to embroider it for sure! I can't wait to start it!

    Alexandria! Thanks! I can't wait to show you some shots of the quilt! I hope you will like it!

    Anonymous! That is such a great tip! Thank you so much! each letter on each square is such a good idea! I wish I didn't already quilt it all together! I might have to try that for my next quilt.