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a terrarium




We had a little taste of spring last week, but today it is cold again. But I can still feel the change in the air, and I know that spring is coming soon.

This makes me itch to plant something. This year, I am hoping to attempt to make a wood planter box. With any luck, it will hopefully be made with wood that I find on the street. I am going to try to grow some vegetables from seeds, which will be tough, as I have not had much success growing ANYTHING from seeds before!

For now, I just made a terrarium out of some moss I bought at
Seedy Saturday, an annual event of all things plantatious and seeds! I do not know where else to get moss though, whether to buy, nature? Can you kindly point me anywhere?

I made one small terrarium in a mason jar, and I want to make another one in a larger container. I bought a new friend to go in my future terrarium, because my
old friends are missing in action. Jin dropped the bunny and now it has no ears, and Mojo swiped the piggy, and I cannot find it. The boys in this house are trouble!

I drew a picture of the layers of my terrarium so that you could make one at home too!


Look at these beautiful terrariums from etsy seller
Made by Mavis. I love how simple they all are, and how she made the different pieces of moss looking like rolling hills of Scotland, or so I imagine.


  1. I love these and now I want to find a holder to make one! Your drawing is so cute!

  2. oh this is absolutely gorgeous. xx fanny

  3. super cute. what a lovely idea!

  4. wow! thanks so much guys!