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quilting by hand





I quickly decided to quilt by hand after I saw the destruction my little old sewing machine did to my quilt after machine quilting a good chunk of it. I took it all apart (it took me a day, and Jin thought I was crazy!), but after I showed him how much better hand quilting looked, I hope he thinks of me as less crazy.

I thought I would get bored of quilting by hand. But I enjoy it SO MUCH! I like to watch the colours of my thread change as I go along. I want to make another quilt, just so I can sit on my couch with Mea, and quilt some more. Thanks to my precious needle book from Anabela, my needles cannot be stolen by curious little Mea. It really is a life saver.

This Sunday is quilt sunday! I can't wait! I freed up my schedule, and I should be able to make it this time!


  1. ohh i can't wait to see the whole thing when it's finished! what happened to your sewing machine?

  2. Look at you, hand quilting! You're amazing!

  3. These are wonderful! It's inspiring to see.

  4. The quilt looks absolutely gorgeous!
    And how special it is that it is done by hand.