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Summer = Trouble

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Trouble for my wallet.

A lot of people in Toronto probably already subscribe to the
Toronto Craft Alert blog, a great blog that tells you about all the crafty going-ons in the city. I just recently subscribed to it, and I am noticing a link between the good weather and the number of great events being posted!

This weekend, there were so many great events, but I had to miss most of them because of the wedding I was helping Gabe photograph, which went great by the way! Thank you for all the encouraging words you left on my last post! The bride and groom were so stylish and in love. This was the first wedding I have seen with a live band playing in the dancing part of the reception, and I really enjoyed the live performance! I would have never recommended a band to play at a wedding before, but this wedding has changed my mind! I hope to show you some shots of this wedding after Gabe has finished fine tuning them.

We did manage to go to a vintage/used camera fair, where dealers and private vendors come out to sell all photography related equipment, and some film equipment too. I would have never gone if May didn't say "let's go!". I am usually lazy like that, and find it easier to say "no" rather than "yes".....but boy am I glad I said yes this time. I went through my very small inventory of film equipment and I decided I would concentrate on looking for Hasselblad equipment. We got a strap for my camera (we have been looking for this one for long time.) and a new lens!!!! I didn't expect to make such a large purchase today, but I can't wait to use it this summer!

It seems like summer is full of these great opportunities for great finds!! I hope you all find some amazing things at yard sales, fairs, and even on the side of the road! For now, I will try with all my might to stop with the spending, and just sit here and play with my new hassy lens.

(I like how I posted a funny photo of Gabe, two posts in a row!)


  1. Hi Celine! I've been meaning to visit that camera fair for years! Maybe it's for the best that I didn't make it this year. It looks like you had a great time though!

  2. geoff! You should go. I was actually thinking of how much you would like it there! I don't know too much about other cameras, like polaroid, brownies etc. I wish I did. But they had tons! Maybe we could go together next year!

  3. This is why I wish I lived in TO. :)