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Ice cream + dressup

hello may

berry frozen yogurt

dress up gabe

May got an ice cream maker from Gabe for her birthday. Now she can feed her ice cream cravings whenever she has them. She made us berry frozen yogurt, it was so simple and delicious!

This summer, I am lucky enough to be an assistant photographer, helping Gabe photograph weddings! He photographed our wedding, and Jin and I were amazed by the results. When he asked if I could help him with this years weddings, I was more than happy to say yes! Tomorrow is my first day, I am excited and nervous!

He was going over some things with me earlier this week, but in the end, we all just started playing with all the props for the photobooth!


  1. good luck tomorrow celine! you'll have a great time!

  2. hmmm... I'm starting to think an ice-cream maker is a god investment :d

    how fun to be assisting, good luck celine!

  3. I meant good investment! :)

  4. DAM i want one, we used to have one, accept my mum and i were cleaning out her cupboards and we accidentally through the propelor thing out coz we thought it was part of the blender :( saaaaadddd

    but my birthday is tomorrow, so there is hope, and always ice cream!

  5. May! thanks for the ice cream! And the encouragement! I am jealous you get to go to the fabric sale without me :( Hopefully we can find some good camera things on sunday!

    Famapa, I like GOD investment! As if you can worship this machine because what it makes.....can save you! I know I need ice cream to feel saved!

    Hayley! hello! Oh, I really hope you get an ice cream maker for your birthday!

  6. Good luck with your new gig.

    And that ice cream looks awfully good!!

  7. Weeee...can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Sending lots of luck your way...and that ice cream looks divine!