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Friday Accomplishment

my ride

yellow shoes

Today, I rode my bike with high heels on.
My very first time.
I was scared at first, the angle of my foot is just weird!
My foot even slipped a few times off the pedal,
but I think I am ready for a night on the town, via my bicycle.

I hope you have a lovely friday evening, and a lovely weekend.
Go get some vitaman D in the sun!


  1. oh, i LOVE to ride my bike in high heels. i think i might even prefer it. it is especially lovely to ride around on a night out, all dressed up. have fun!

  2. lady, those heels are gorgeous - you ride in style!!! in fact everything in the bottom pic is gorge! riding my bike is the one thing I miss the most... that and runny eggs... but I'm gonna get one of those kid seats for my bike once the bubba is old enough, woohoo!

    it's gonna be a sunny one here too - have a great one celine!

  3. oh wow, those heels are perfect!
    I finally bought a bike last weekend to not spend my last 2 1/2 months in London on hot smelly busses and I love it, should have done that ages ago.
    I hope you're having a great weekend! Lots of sun here too, for a change!

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful colors in each photograph as well.

  5. thanks everybody! By the end of the night, I was so used to riding with heels on! It felt empowering!

    Famapa, you can't ride your bike with a little one inside you?? Oh man, I had no idea!

  6. What wonderful shoes! I've never biked in heels but I'm sure that day will come soon.

  7. not sure about that biking in heels thing man...
    it's aight for 2 blocks... but i've been doing 17 kms a day, and seems a bit poser... HA HA
    d*_*b mind you tons of girls do it in tokyo, but i think they are just going to the combini... -d