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The progression of our outdoor room

our patio!

backyard today

Jin and I spent the entire long weekend rearranging our "outdoor room" by putting in some stepping stones, new paths and paving, ripping out weeds, and planting the small variety of plants and flowers I bought. I found an old photo I took of our backyard, I think it was the day after a party we had. It feels like an entirely different space to me. When we first moved into our apartment, our backyard was a mess. It was a small piece of land with really tall weeds that would sprout out every summer. And, it was home to an old, broken stove. I had no idea how to handle it, and at the time, I was too busy getting through my undergraduate degree. Once I graduated, I convinced Jin and our landlady that the backyard needed to be inhabited like an outdoor extension to the house (which is not what we were using it for!). So I proposed a patio, and a cleanup. I enlisted the help of my good friend, and we were pretty confident to build a patio, being architecture grads and all, but it still took us 2 weeks from start to finish! I guess drawing isn't anything like construction!

We still need a little more cleanup, and it still looks pretty bare, with little baby plants and shrubs, but I like it so much better than when we first moved in!


  1. It looks amazing, Celine! What an inspiration for us and our awful backyard in its current state.

    Oh, we bumped into Jin the other day -- I felt bad because I was pretty tired & out of it and was probably a bit abrupt! He was so nice, though (of course).

  2. your back yard looks so nice! i gotta visit you guys and see it soon!

  3. Wow this is great Celine! I hope we get the chance to see it some time!

  4. how fun! it'll look so nice one you're all done!
    btw, sorry I didn't reply to your comment on my blog the other week! we're hoping to see whether the bubba is a boy or a girl during the next scan in four weeks time :) you are too sweet with your baby offering celine, if there's a picture of mine you want a print of, let me know! give & take ;0)

  5. Anabela and Geoff, you should come over for a bbq in July, when the weather is nice and warm. Be warned, the backyard is messier than it looks! Pictures are decieving! Anabela, Jin mentioned he bumped into you two by Mokuba! He only had lovely things to say of the encounter!

    May! I hope you aren't going to Josh's wedding in Sarnia!!! Cuz that is Jin's birthday!!! I want you to come to Jin's birthday!

    Famapa! I really hope I can make you the thing I have in my mind before the little one pops out!! I also just found out that my friend is having TWINS! I am so happy for all the expecting mothers! And thank you for offering a print of your pictures!! I really really do love your photos! I will let you know which one I'd like! xo

  6. Looks like a sweet place to be!

  7. oh, i want an outdoor space! looks great celine. :)

  8. Oh that is cute, we did something similar in our backyard when we first moved into our home...but we never did color the blocks. I think alot more planterns and plants will make that space really pop!

    Jen Ramos
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