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up, up, and away!

day 308 : 365 • polaloons

When the heart floats

Isabelle and Her Balloons

up, up, and away!

When I was a very very little girl, I wanted to be a Disney animator. Watching the new animated movie that came out each year was one of the highlights of my youth. Now, how did I end up here? I guess animation wasn't my passion after all!

But I watched the movie "UP" this week, and it blew me away! 3D animation has come such a long way over the years, not only are the graphics stunning, but the story was just so full of goodness! It made happy, sad, laugh and cry. Wow!

I hope you all get to see it. It has inspired me to go on more adventures, and to include more helium balloons in my life.

beautiful balloon photos via
danisoul, emilie79*, leanncannon, and me respectively.


  1. i cried and laughed sooooo much in this movie! i loved it!

  2. Delightful bunch of photos you picked!