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Adventure : road trip to the ocean

PEI, Canada



Speaking of more adventures.....!
I talked about exploring places closer to me in the
winter, and our next holiday destination is a goodie! This place isn't exactly "local" to us, but at least it is within the same country!! It has been hard to fight the urge to fly out of the country, there are so many places I want to go! But I think this is far more exciting!

We are driving to a cottage by the Gulf of St. Lawrence, on Prince Edward Island. I have never been to this part of PEI before, so I can definately cross one thing off my
list. It will take us 2 days to get there by car! I haven't been on a proper road trip since I was very little, and this time, I will get to drive! When we get there, I plan to eat A LOT of seafood, and not do much else. I have never been on a holiday where I plan to just relax. And to relax in a beautiful setting, makes it so much more exciting! July could not come any sooner!!


  1. ohh fun!!! u will have tons of fun!!! ROAD TRIP!!!!

  2. yay! how exciting! we're also doing a low-key holiday in july; taking the train down to the south of france for some serious relaxing. can't wait!

    had a quick peek at some pictures of PEI, looks so beautiful!

  3. aaah that`s so exciting!!! you should bring all your cameras with you *_*

    Its so strange I`ve been in Canada for 2 1/2 years and that side of the country is hardly ever mentioned... I really really want to go there

    what I think I`ve heard about it is that they make quilts over there!! so you can get some inspiration! (or quilts haha)

  4. that trip sounds wonderful!!
    i really like your profile picture ;-)

  5. Roz! I know! road trip!! I am so excited, I thinking about what I am going to pack in the car for food and snacks!!

    Famapa! WOW! I really wish I could take a train to the south of france! I just got this amazing book on someone's travel journal from her travels in the south of france! I can't wait to see your photos, and have a relaxing time! you deserve it!

    Elizabeth! I can't wait to show you some photos!

    Ani! I am so going to take all my cameras! You should take your family to the east end of the country! The photos I have seen are beautiful! I will tell you all about it when we come back! And I would love to see their quilts there!

    Make it Easy! Thanks! That profile pic was taken so long ago! hehe!

  6. I'm very excited for you and weee when you share your photographs from it!

  7. It's so weird that I stumbled across your blog, I'm from PEI and love our little island. I hope you enjoy the island and get loads of beaches, cute stuff and relaxing in.

  8. Alexandria!! I cannot wait to go! I really can't! I cannot wait to come back to show you photographs. I really hope I get some good shots in!

    Michael! I wouldn't mind getting some of the inside scoop from PEI! Like where to go for markets, and where to go eat etc! I heard everyone that goes to PEI doesn't want to leave!

  9. OK!... I went a little crazy and don’t forget that you asked for this, hahaha.
    First I DO suggest doing the touristy things like Anne of Green Gables and Sandspit amusement park. Those are in Cavendish where most of the tourist stuff is. Cavendish is cute, fun and feels like a little vacation village. Also I suggest walking around downtown Charlottetown as it is a cute city with a lot to offer.
    Some cute things include an inn called Dalvay by The Sea, which is worth a trip to see as it is a Victorian Mansion by the sea. Another fun thing (depending on if there is an event going on) is the College of Piping, which is a Bag Piping and Celtic Dance College in Summerside.
    Golfing is a major part of PEI life and as my family includes plenty of avid golfers I have been told to suggest Crowbush, Green Gables, Dunarave and Eagle’s Glenn golf courses. We are so known for golf that the Golf Channel has a reality show with its present season airing from PEI. Oh and hit the beach a bunch too. I suggest
    Other good restaurants are The Wind and The Reef (which is on the tip of PEI surrounded by water and windmills) in North Cape, The Lobster House in Summerside, The Deck House (Surrounded by cute shops) in Summerside, Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown and Peake’s Key in Charlottetown. Merchantmen’s Pub in Charlottetown is also really good and apparently won an award for local produce. For food a lot of islanders do is go to 'Dairy Bars', including me. I suggest the St. Elnore’s dairy bar in Summerside and the Frosty Treat in Kensington. They serve ice cream and yummy greasy food. Also PEI is known internationally for our ‘Cows Ice Cream’ which is in several locations but they have the creamery and factory tour just outside of Charlottetown.
    Some good farmers markets include 'The Best of PEI' in Charlottetown and The Charlottetown Farmers Market, which is good as well but that is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    I know you said you want to relax but PEI is so close together and so fun that I oddly think that you can do a bunch of these things and still completely chill out. You can email me if you want any clarification at
    ... I nearly forgot my favourite place on PEI. Victoria by the Sea is a community between Summerside or Borden and Charlottetown. It is a cute and artsy village with some good art galleries, a tea room and a chocolate shop. It’s so cute and completely contained so it is all within walking distance. Tourists often forget about it but it is so cute I definitely think you should visit.