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Coming home

welcome us home


lobster dinner 1

lobster dinner 2

giant bacon wrapped scallops

Some good things about coming home. Seeing that our cats missed us, telling stories of our trip to friends and family over dinner, and sharing another 5 dozens of oysters we brought back from P.E.I.

Jin taught everyone how to shuck oysters! My brother did it the best.

p.s. those scallops were the biggest scallops I have ever had. I think they were the size of my fist.


  1. wow, what a seafood feast!
    those lobsters and scallops look amazing.
    I really enjoyed your holiday pictures.
    best from London!
    p.s. It's my last week at work!
    I'm so looking forward to a break.

  2. makes me hungry!
    that cat is so cute!!!

  3. Celine, I'm just laughing seeing the towel that the oysters are being shucked on because I think every Korean household has stash of towels that are embroidered with Korean writing to commemorate some random event or other…

  4. your blog is really beautiful. i'm happy to find you!

  5. That's the perfect meal for me. Wow.