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water made from clouds

cheese please


I scream

rain drops


droplets in my hand

A week ago, I met nikole, and I am still grinning from the experience. It all started when she told me, out of the blue (online) that she had something for me. I was beaming inside, because, I do not get messages like that on a daily basis. I don’t think too many people do! Especially from someone you have never met. If you do, then the only conclusion is that you are an incredibly happy person! Lucky you!

We ate a small lunch at a little cheese shop, and we chatted non-stop! We stayed so long, that they gave us complimentary cupcakes for dessert. I guess they thought all that chatting must make us hungry again!

It turned out, she was saving this water made from clouds for me. And to go along with it, she made these adorable and delicious cookies shaped in raindrops, and ice cream! I felt so lucky to be a recipient of one of her edible masterpieces!
Everything was so stylishly put together, a perfect parcel. A perfect, themed parcel! I loved it.

Read her story
See her masterpieces
here, and here.
Nikole, I cannot wait to get together with you again :)


  1. This is so much fun! I adore the raindrop cookies!

  2. How lovely! Such sweet looking treats too!

  3. May I please join you two the next time?

  4. These are gorgeous!
    How lovely :)

  5. nice! i like your pictures a lot.

  6. sounds so much fun! i love the pictures and i don't think i'll be able to eat those cookies without feeling good and bad at the same time!
    thank you for the birthday wishes and i would love to meet you in person one day! :)

  7. oh, love the photos! had so much fun celine!

  8. thank you for your friendly visit and comment on my blog. these are lovely photos, so soothing! i feel a little bit cooler now. thanks from extremely humid tokyo!

  9. great-looking cookies and pictures as always.

    (and "fine cheese & gourmet food" sounds good as well.)

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Hiki of Jollygoo! Love your site! Consider yourself 'tagged' as one of my faves.

  11. I just saw your blog through Jollygoo too!!
    Great blog! I LOVE your pictures!
    those are the cutest cookies I've ever seen!

  12. That is ridiculously fun and cute! Amazing!

    And CHEESE shop? Mmmmmmmmmm.