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A Mushroom Forest

baby grape tomato

first one


shroom top

mushroom forest

Back to my digital camera.

I notice that I mainly take film photos when I am on holiday. So either, I only carry my film camera in the city, or go on more holidays. I will take a little of #1, and a lot of #2 please.

When we came back, I was happy to see that our garden was thriving, and our tomato plants were producing so many blooms! I am getting especially excited, because one of the tomatoes is turning finally RED! This is my first year growing vegetables, so you can imagine my excitement!

But I have a little forest of mushrooms growing under the tomatoes. They only live for a day, but new ones always come up! They are cute, but, how did they get there? And do tiny smirfs live among them?

Thank you
Hiki for giving me a "lovely blog award". I love reading her blog, so full of inspiration and beautiful photos. She also started a little store full of goodies! I am eyeing some things for myself already!


  1. The mushrooms are adorable! There really is quite a few of them, eh? and the tomatoes look delicious!

  2. Hi, Strange with the mushrooms, but cute :)
    I am sure tiny, tiny smurfs live under them!

  3. This is the coolest garden! I'd wake up excited each day to see the growth going bet is that the smurfs were out and about while you were on holiday!

  4. ooh wow! that is so exciting! mushrooms are always mysterious to me, but they are so adorable. like little friends. almost pets. because they dont look much like plants. well, since those die in one day, its sad. but at least you will have new friends in the morning :-)

  5. How lovely.
    I loved that you called it a "forest of mushrooms". =D

  6. Oh! I want a mushroom garden now!

  7. those little mushrooms are lovely! they look like umbrellas :)

  8. thanks everyone! They surprise me every morning with new appearances! They are really really cute! Jin keeps wondering if we can eat them.....

  9. these mushrooms seem to be dancers...

  10. Thing I find most interesting about mushrooms is their underground connection to each other. Amazing!

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