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making a list




Thinking of all the things I had to do made me really stressed this morning.

Jin told me to make a list.
I did, and it felt so good to check little tasks off when I completed them.

This made me very happy.

What do you do when you know you have a lot to accomplish?


  1. hi! i've found your blog through jollygoo :)
    i have a lovely muji book in which i write a weekly list of things to accomplish.
    having a special dedicated to lists how i get things done :)

  2. I make lists too. but a lot of the times I forget to look at them... :/
    LOVE these images!
    Your schedule book is so cute!

  3. oh i so know that feeling. lists help a lot. but mostly: looking forward to something really lovely to do after i've done all that stuff... :)

    lovely diary and pens! and that smile is just great!

  4. my name is in your list~! XD

  5. hi! you commented on my blog so I knew I must come over to your spot & say a quick hello as well!
    i love your handwriting, it's so pretty.
    & what kind of planner is that? & where did you get it? I have been on a search for a good planner & I have yet to find one that I like!

  6. What a cute schedule book! Where did you get it?

  7. I guess we all make lists! What a silly question of me to ask!
    Some of you are asking about the agenda! It is my favourite! It is a Shinzi Katoh agenda, I got it here in Toronto!

    Mary - thank you for saying hello!! I like your method of having a book just for lists. I always lose my lists, and have to start over!

    Kristina * - I like your way! I should do that, kind of like giving myself a mini reward for completing my tasks!

    Yuk - yes! your name is there! I can't believe you can see it! I went to see a printer, and I have to send you an e-mail about it!

  8. procrastinate and lay around. hahah

    i LOVE the way your planner looks! how you jot things down so randomly with little doodles. it so cool!! mine is so boring and uncreative. haha i need to get my creative juices flowing again

  9. hmmm, I see many post-it memos on my desktop monitor!! I have to be able to see what I have got to do where I see it all the time otherwise I forget :p Your list looks so neat, I wish I could make mine like that!

    I love that smiley face ;)

  10. I like your agenda/calendar, Celine! It makes mundane tasks seem more fun when written in a cute book. Did you get it at Good Egg in Kensington Market?

  11. i definitely make lists too. i'm a list-a-holic.
    hope u accomplished everything you had to do! :)

    i can't wait till november for the paper place's new agendas!!! we should start a club or something - club awesomeness :)

  12. That journal looks almost identical to mine :) I use that and do exactly as you mentioned, check it off and try to stick with one at a time (try) but as you it feels so great to be organized as such and with that I can breath :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  13. i just write down whatever i have to do on a piece of paper and stick it in my bag or on the desk. not nearly as neat as your list!

  14. That face :)

    I get acne, and make lists.

  15. make it easy - I actually do a lot of procrastinating and lying around too! It takes a lot for me to actually "get going"

    hiki - actually i have post-its on my monitor too! But, I keep that only for my office to-do's. I try to keep all my personal to-do's in this agenda, but sometimes that doesn't work!

    Lois! I got mine at the Paper Place!! I love this so much, I get it every year! It's a shinzi katoh calendar, and it comes out every november!

    roz, we should start a club. you and me as founding members. haha!

    Leigh - do you have this same journal?

    aixx - sometimes I just write on a piece of paper too. I really don't have a good system!

    elizabeth - acne! haha! love your response.

  16. oh boy, i have loads of lists flying around everywhere. I get really nervous when i lose my lists, so now i made a lists-booklet.

  17. these are the neatest, sweetest journal pages i have ever seen!

  18. I procrastinate and make to do lists. I love to do lists. I feel less crazy if I put down my thoughts.