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shephers pie

exaggerated bite

I feel so alive!

I made our first home cooked meal today in our new home. Yesterday, our contractor connected our stove, and today, we scrounged and looked for the essentials to make shepherds pie!
This potato masher came with the house, it works surprisingly well.

We haven't had a home cooked meal in a whole month! It will be so good to have a full working kitchen again.


  1. congrats on your first home cooked meal in your new home - i can so relate to how that feels!

  2. the first homecooked meal in your new home must be quite a somehting :) i love the last photo!

  3. now it starts really to be your own cosy home:)

  4. Congratulations! I can't wait to see how the kitchen looks by now! I'm sure that was one of the most satisfying meals. xo

  5. SHEPHERDS PIE!! I want it.
    I will make it next week.
    Any fun recipe secrets you want to share??

  6. This looks so good and yay! about it being your first home cooked meal at your new space. I like that you found a potato masher. It reminds me of why I like to make peanut butter cookies...just for the excuse of using the potato masher on them!

  7. Mmm looks good! Now it all begins, enjoy making your home homy! ;)

  8. yum shepherd's pie!!! i think i want to make some too!

  9. What a perfect thing to make and eat on a wintry day! Congrats on getting the stove connected. haha, how cute you guys got a potato masher come with your house, love it!

  10. yes, cooking can actually make you feel alive. When i'm stressed i eat too much fast food and i feel so relaxed when i finally find the time to make myself a decent meal.