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I always feel that our last holiday is the best one we had, and it is hard to imagine how the next one could top it, but it always does.

As the weather becomes more and more pleasant around here, strong nostalgic feelings keep coming up about the road trip Jin and I took last year to Prince Edward Island. It was the perfect summer trip.

I can tell that summer travel is on your minds too, as some of you have inquired about the beautiful cottage we stayed at on the island. This cottage belongs to a friend of ours, and he was very kind to let us stay there on our holiday. I am sad to tell you that, he does not rent the cottage to people he does not know. I am so sorry!

But don’t let that discourage you; I know for a fact that there are a lot of beautiful cottages for rent on the island.

I looked back at the photos from our trip and I found these ones that I quite like, and I never posted before. The ones on the beach are taken by Jin through his hat. I like the screen filter it creates. It feels very summery to me. And look how short my hair was! And that cottage looks so sweet at night.

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What are your plans this summer?


  1. i'm with you celine! I wish I could be on a trip to somewhere this summer, but I think a trip in the fall to China will be just as good.

    I miss you, let's get together before I have to head back to school?

  2. the atmosphere in this set of photos is dreamy. me too, eager for warm days and road trips.

  3. i love that wallpaper in the first photo!

  4. love the photos through the hat. total summer.

    we are so spending time at the cottage. no reno. just relaxing. oh and maybe a bit of puttering about...

  5. aww those photos are wonderful! jin has a good eye

  6. summer looks so much more... more comfortable in your bit of the world. here we have to run from air con building to air con building so i'm dreading summer already.
    love jin's idea with shooting through his hat.
    just looked over your past posts on this summer trip. now that is how summer should feel!

  7. I love those pics through jin's hat! makes them seem extra dreamy... I'm hoping against hope that we get a good summer this year, I think we deserve one after the winter we just had :0)

  8. lovely atmosphere, must have been a magnificent trip. Me and the boyfriend are going to travel through France by car. Don't have anything planned yet and it's in 3 weeks :s

  9. i really like the screen filter that the hat creates!

  10. LOVE.
    The shot of the house is magic. I plan on taking some photos of our cottage at night, or dusk. So serene and neat.

  11. All gorgeous shots. Definitely day dreaming of summer now...

  12. Bonjour Céline! J'espère que tout va bien.. My friend Kristi of tuned me onto your blog. I really love it! This might mean the rest of my day is shot going backwards on your blog.. it's like eating little pieces of chocolate.. I can't stop. Beautiful beautiful photos, I can see why Kristi likes your blog so much. Moi as well! Bonne journée!

  13. you live such a fabulous life!
    i love it....and not no high class fashion NY kind of fabulous life....the simple, content, happy, beautiful fabulous life <3 <3

  14. beautiful beautiful! i can't wait for summer holidays. this looks like such a beautiful part of Canada. we're hoping to visit Canada next year in the summer. exciting!

  15. Those middle photos - the ones through the hat - are completely beautiful.