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It has been a long week. Today, I feel the most beat.
I wish I could trade a day with Mea.

Mea? Could you take my place at work? And I will take your place on the couch.
I could sit by your window, and monitor the neighbourhood activity for you.
You can sit at my computer, and attempt to coordinate that site plan.
I could pick a fight with Mojo, and win for you. Show him who is boss.
And you can figure out that site plan, and tell me what is wrong with it.

Can we trade?
Just for one day?

T.G.I.F is all I have to say.

and, happy weekend everyone.


  1. Aww! Have a good weekend Celine!
    I hope it's nice and relaxing!
    Give Mea and Mojo a pet for me!

  2. Hi Melinda!
    Mea and Mojo purr for you :)

  3. i always think about taking my cats place too sometimes. hahah
    rest well on your weekend :-)

  4. awww, to have the life of a cat! bon weekend, celine !

  5. :) hihi, he seems only little enthousiast.

  6. This week my husband and I were both saying that we would like to trade places with our cats (if it wasn't for the cat food). :)

  7. Bonjour! What an oh so beautiful blog you have here! I love everything, your photographs are stunning & your kitty is so cute! Am following your blog! :)

    Hope your weekend is swell! xx

  8. happy weekend celine!
    i think you'll do good at Mea's job, not sure about the other way around. haha

  9. happy weekend celine!
    hope you get some relaxing done!!

    ps. i like ur quilt ;)

  10. mea's a cutie. & i think the same thing alot.
    nice quilt in the background!
    happy rest of your weekend.

  11. Lovely lovely.. beautiful picture too.
    Beeing a cat would be great, yeahh...

  12. I have a feeling that I am going to feel the same at the end of this week!

    Hope you had a good weekend Celine. It was beautiful out, even if it was slightly chilly.

  13. i am always wishing that koshi could go to work for me and i could stay home and sleep on the chair! lol. your cat is such a sweet heart!

  14. your cat is beautiful! :)

  15. I love Mea! Is it okay for me to say that? She is just so cute!

  16. I used to think about this all the time in high school, if only I could stay cozy in the sun puddles like our cats... Haha! I just LOVE your blog and the beautiful photos! The colors you've captured here... the blues, the grey of your cat, and the subtle green of her eyes... gorgeous!

  17. you have a gorgeous blog with lovely pictures! :)
    thankyou for making my day! :)

  18. ehehe, sometimes I want to exchange with my dog too :)
    Mea is so cute, I love her color!