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mojo's lazy weekend

sun spot

favourite blanket

good morning

the boys

He found sunny spots to hang out in and soft spots to nap in.

He decided to be nice and share the bed with Mea one morning (the sight of them together made me laugh when I woke up to find them staring at me!).

And he loves hanging out with his daddy when he is working on the computer.

Jin and I had a really fun weekend spending time together and Mojo made sure he was always present! oh Mojo!


  1. the last is very lovely.

  2. Your photos so make me wanna have another cat! Our cat is quite a princess like Mea, I think I need a Mojo in my life too! :)

  3. haha that would be so funny to wake up to! that photo is perfect

  4. kittyface! love shot #2...the sleepying grumpy eye makes it adorable. :)

  5. Both Mojo and Mea are just too adorable, and I feel that you've really captured their personalities here!

  6. awwww shucks, I'm all goo goo gaga now.

  7. Mojo so great Im liking him right now. So cute!

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  8. Adorable! I love hearing about the personalities of your cats. Happy Christmas, Celine!