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treasures I brought home


natural belly balm


lucky number 13 cat!

I love what I do because I feel like people ask me to take pictures and hang out with amazing people and this weekend was the ultimate amazing-people-hanging-out-time. When Becky approached me asking if I'd be interested in taking photos and documenting City of Craft 2011 a few months ago, I didn't even hesitate to say yes! I knew it would be a weekend of inspiration being surrounded by so many talented vendors. Now City of Craft has come and gone and it was amazing. I hope you had the chance to drop by.

I wanted to bring home so much more but I had to practice much self-restraint.

I got a Squirrel Crest Bottle from rcboisjoli for my brother because I saw him eyeing it when he came to visit me at the show.

Some very soothing balm from Truth & Beauty for my ever growing belly (it has worked really well so far too!)

I couldn't resist getting this pretty necklace for myself from the talented duo, Caboto!

This lovable Lucky Number 13 Cat from Fools Gold will probably keep char siu bao company in the nursery!

A few shots I took this weekend are already up! You can see them in this flickr set. Watch for more in the coming weeks!


  1. so cute! so sad that this year, yet again, city of craft was before I finished exams. boo!

  2. Great that you're taking up such interesting jobs, so lucky! The mommy belly cream thing made me laugh, I didn't know there's such a thing on the market, oh and I'm sure char siu bao's gonna love that stuffed cat!

  3. Nice to meet you at the show Celine! What a great weekend indeed. Love the photos that have come up so far and love that Caboto necklace!

  4. we both came home with our caboto necklaces! been wearing mine everyday, pretty much. so nice to see you at the show celine!

  5. It was really nice to meet you at the show after reading your blog for such a long time :) So happy you like your necklace (you too Jen)!

  6. Oh, the necklace is beautiful!