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our bathroom : part 1

the bathroom - before


the bathroom - after

the bathroom - after


The bathroom that came with the house was a little cramped. I couldn’t even take a photo to show you where the mini sink was (it was right of the toilet, practically touching the it), or maybe I just didn’t want to step inside...(hopefully, that will be the ugliest photo I post on this space).

We enlarged the bathroom to make it more spacious, and also included an area for laundry which was not there before. The bathroom looks pretty bare right now; there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I thought I would show you the progress we made.

Picking bathroom fixtures was my favourite part. It was pretty simple. It started with my desire to have a claw foot tub. I researched our options of getting an old one re-glazed versus a brand new one, and all my research made us lean towards a new tub. I found that the cost of getting an old tub, plus reglazing it costs about the same as a new one, and I was told that a reglazing is never as good as the original porcelain finish (correct me if I am wrong). Plus, older tubs tend to have rust spots on its bottom, and around the drain, I felt like I wanted a tub that will last a very long time. So a new tub it was! After we chose our tub, it was easy sailing from there. We just picked a toilet and basin to match.

I thought we would be getting our fixtures from different sources, but once we found
Addison’s Inc., we were set. I fell in love with his store when we first walked in, I felt like a kid in the mother of all candy stores! Plus, Mr. Addison is such a charming man. Jin always brings him coffee. He likes his coffee with cream, no sugar (just in case you were wondering).

If you are in Toronto, you should visit his amazing store. You will be in for a treat.

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  1. Bright, airy, spacious--it looks fantastic! Interesting to hear that it amounts to about the same for a new claw foot tub. Did you get it from Addison's (which seems to be all old stuff)? Great transformation!

  2. you guys did a great job designing that bathroom, the light just bounces from everywhere, it looks so pretty!

  3. WOW! Quite a transformation! You are happily invited to redo ours, too ;-) Unfortunately we rent our apartment so a bathroom renovation is out of the question. I'm in love with the tiles you chose!

  4. Celine! It looks beautiful! (A lot more bright than the first time I saw it!) I can't wait to see the rest of the house!

    your bathroom is blowing my mind!!!!
    thats like a DREAM bathroom!!!
    i have always wanted a tub like that, let alone actually be lucky enough to shower in one!!! AMAZING JOB!!!!
    you must put more plants or little art to make it even better :-)

  6. oooh, i so can't wait to have my own home.
    you have done a great job, it looks like a totally different home!
    can't wait to see what you do to the rest of your home!

  7. wow, your bathroom is awesome! i love all the white, but i especially love how the tub claws aren't - they make your tub look so unique and modern. :) p.s. you guys are so clean!

  8. omgosh celine, it looks beautiful. i love it in the bright light! you need to take photos of those light fixtures by themselves!

  9. you made it look beautiful!

  10. wow, you made an excellent job!! So much light in the space! Beautiful! I can't wait to start working on our bathroom but it seems this will not happen so soon since we're dealing with demolishing walls, floors and things like that... an old house is sure full of surprises...

  11. Looks so refreshing. Great job!! I love the floor tiles!

  12. unrecognizable, you guys did an amazing job. I love the floor, the tub, the shower curtain rail, everything!look forward to seeing more!

  13. i could live in your bathroom celine! i liked the exposed bricks before though, did you put dry wall on top of it?

  14. i love your bathroom! love the sink.

  15. I'm so inspired. Our upstairs bathroom resembles much of your original one. I'm biding my time for when we finally gut it. What kind of tile did you use? It looks like a version of penny tile. I really love it.

  16. What an amazing transformation! I am also a huge fan of claw foot tubs and yours is awesome.

  17. thank you so much everyone! I was so nervous to show this to you, but I am relieved with all the wonderful response!

    Juli - we got the tub, toilet and basin at Addison's. Did he used to only sell used fixtures? Because he has new and old in his store! I love the old stuff too.

    Ani! The light was really really nice that day! I am so happy with how the picture turned out!

    Marion! I would love to come design your bathroom! But yea, I wouldn't touch a rented apartments bathroom, or kitchen or anything! Just spruce it up with your own decor, that you can take away with you!

    Melinda & Sekimachihato! Oh mean, the rest of the house is a mess!

    Aron! I have some pictures and art in mind that I want to hang (and I think hanging towels will even make it look a lot less bare!), but plants are such a great idea!

    Sharon! We are definitely not clean! I just cleaned the bathroom before I took the photos! You should see how we really are! It's embaressing!

    Roz! that's in the next post!

    jokemijn! thank you!

    Ana, oooh, beware of the surprises an old house brings! BEWARE! We found countless surprises, I am afriad to open up walls now! (I used to be fearless, but I learned my lesson!)

    Designwali! Thank you! I love the tiles too!!!! I am so glad they worked out!

    christine! thank you so much! That means a lot, coming from a fellow architect (in training? because I sure am still in training!).

    Tanya! thank you!!!!!

    May! we drywalled EVERYTHING! we did not want to keep the exposed brick, it had burn marks on it from a previous fire.

    Melanie! thank you! I love it so much too!

    Erin! We used a 2" ceramic hexagon tile. I wish it was porcelain, but the tile supply store didn't have it. I didn't want marble, I've seen some people use marble hexagons. I like it completely white!

    Megan! I feel really lucky to have a claw foot tub!

  18. Very, very pretty. Well done!

  19. This looks beautiful !! We reglazed an old claw-foot when we renovated our bathroom. We originally were going to buy new but we ending up finding a gem on Craigslist. I'm hoping the finish stands the test of time. I like my baths. Congrats on your reno :)

  20. Love the floor tiles.
    It's so bright and fresh. Great work!

  21. Oh my word. Stunning. What a classy beautiful (now) spacious bathroom. Well done!

  22. you made it very nice céline! just gorgeous all that white:)

  23. This is sooooooo good! It looks like a calming oasis! You should start a spa!

    I also love your description of Mr Addison. Amazing! I love that I've lived here all my life and can still be surprised by little things like that.

  24. your tub is so gorgeous and fancy pants-y!

  25. the bathtub is wonderful! i hope to have a similar one myself, some day~
    the entire bathroom is lovely, you did a wonderful job with it!

  26. What a beautiful and serene bathroom! I wish it was mine... ;) And your blog: love the design and the photos.

    Thanks for nice comments on my blog!


  27. Utterly gorgeous. You've given it such good bones, what a great space.